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"The easiest way to post your employees' schedules!"
Sign-Out Board is the online alternative to the standard dry-erase marker board. Safe, secure and easy to use, you'll find it a convenient, effective way to keep track of your people or notify employees about daily activities. You can also eliminate those time consuming walks to "check the board" and do away with phone calls just to learn who's out sick or at a meeting.

Round the Clock Employee Scheduling and Tracking Updating weekly assignments and checking peoples' availability is quick and easy. Daily schedules and tasks can be viewed and edited from the office, at home, or from any online connection. Information can be posted weeks, months, or even years in advance, making Sign-Out Board a useful tool for managing staff and anticipating future work loads.

For companies with more than one office or department, Sign-Out Board is the ideal solution for keeping track of employees from one source, at one time. If you have a roaming sales staff, at-home or on-call workers, field personnel or just too many people to watch over, Sign-Out Board will make the task of managing your business much easier.
Update Information
Firms that rely on timely information about the whereabouts or status of their workers will benefit from Sign-Out Board's real-time updating and ease of use. Employee names can be easily sorted by location, department, job category or title, and contact information is always close at hand.

Private groups or organizations can post meeting and event schedules for their people and use Sign-Out Board as a "check-in" site for member attendance.
Our Bulletin Board feature allows managers or staff to post notes and announcements for other board users, ensuring that everyone keeps up-to-date and informed about the latest news, while our Monthly Meeting Calendar lets you plan meetings and activities in advance and avoid conflicts over scheduled locations or times.

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